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And in this moment of new set pics featuring Tom Hiddleston, I would like to give thanks to Guillermo del Toro for giving the people what they want.

Gods bless you, del Toro. Gods bless you and the wardrobe/hair departments.

As the lovely members of Camp Hiddleston reminded me, today marks 6 months to the date that I had the absolute luck and pleasure to meet the one person I adore and admire above all others: Mr Tom Hiddleston.

That whole trip was an amazing experience. I met so many fantastic people and made so many new wonderful friends (who I promptly cried all over after meeting Tom) and was able to say Thank You to Tom. His work and attitude towards life continues to inspire me.

Volumnia: “Come let us go. This fellow had a Volscian to his mother; His wife is in Corioles, and this child like him by chance. Yet give us your dispatch. I am hushed, until our city be afire, and then I’ll speak a little.”

Finally had the chance to see Coriolanus this weekend

I spent yesterday and today finally viewing Coriolanus at the local cinema. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, as I knew nothing of the story (having not read the play) and Shakespeare is not something I have devoted a lot of time to. So yes, I was going mainly because of Tom Hiddleston, but I am a keen theatre person so I was looking forward to having the chance to view the play as a whole.

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I thought, “What could Loki be doing?” He could be reading a book. He could be doing something. I thought, maybe he’s just lying in bed, ruminating on his future. […] Somewhere in the outtakes, there’s a… Because when you’re lying on a bed and tossing a cup up, it sort of alters your perception of the horizontal axis. And most times I was able to flip up the cup and catch it in front of my face, and then, on one particular occasion, I just missed, and a steel mug slammed me right in the forehead.

Thor: The Dark World Commentary

— Is it possible dat I sould love de enemy of France?
— No; it is not possible you should love the enemy of
     France, Kate: but, in loving me, you should love
     the friend of France; for I love France so well that
     I will not part with a village of it; I will have it
     all mine: and, Kate, when France is mine and I am
     yours, then yours is France and you are mine.

Tom looks I dig <1/?> : The Beard  


Thor The Dark World - Commentary by Tom Hiddleston